Case Study 04 — capspire & Gravitate

RE-ENERGIZING COMMODITIES: Refreshing a brand’s identity to accelerate game-changing growth in a traditional space.


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A global consulting and solutions company serving commodity-focused industries, capSpire has emerged as one of the leaders in their space. Their solution suite, rooted in digital transformation and problem solving, is comprised of offerings that speak to their mantra: We believe there is a better way.
And although they have a strong presence with offices in several countries, they realized there was untapped potential within their branding. So, they came to Hierarchy seeking a strategy to separate themselves from other B2B companies who all seemed to share similar messaging and visuals.


In a sea of B2B companies speaking to the same industries, capSpire wanted to stand out. They asked us to update their creative, establishing bold brand visuals and a recognizable tone that they could own in the space. In short, they wanted their brand’s personality to match the passion and energy they had cultivated within their organization.


Our materials targeted prospective and existing B2B clients in the commodities space: agribusiness, c-stores, crude oil, fuel marketing, natural gas, power and refined products. Specifically, we created pieces that reflected capSpire’s focus on innovation, appealing to leads who would see the value of modern, sleek solutions to their everyday challenges.


Through initial conversations with the client, we identified two key details that set capSpire apart from other B2B companies. The first was their emphasis on bringing industry insiders – those who had forged impressive careers in the markets they serve – on board as experts. This focus gave them a unique edge in energy, oil and gas, c-stores, and more. The second detail was their company culture. Whereas most in their industry followed the same corporate tone, capSpire felt decidedly fresh and dynamic. We chose to capitalize on theseclear-cut industry differences as a way to help generate leads, build upon their brand identity and attract top-tier talent.



We developed a straightforward, approachable and action-driven voice for the capSpire brand. By inserting confidence into their headlines and subheads, we solidified their status as industry experts. Then, we leaned into a less-is-more content approach and strong CTAs to distinguish their brand from the information overload so common in the industry.

Around the World Campaign

To know capSpire is to know that they make company culture a top priority. That’s why, although their main office is headquartered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, they wanted to ensure that each office around the world felt equally represented within the company. To do this, we built out a campaign that attributed each office – including the remote team – to a different letter within capSpire. Then, we drew from unique icons, landmarks and other elements to bring each location’s letter to life.

Collateral and Internal Materials

The way you present your brand matters no matter your industry. But when you’re in the B2B world, one that depends on presentations to thrive, it carries even more significance. To equip the capSpire team with presentation materials that matched the elegance of the products they offer, we got to work on updating their entire collateral set. From templates to case study frameworks to t-shirts and beyond, their new look better represents their brand.

Social and Digital

As a company that offers digital transformation, capSpire’s social media and digital platforms needed to be transformative in their own right. The Hierarchy team continuously concepts ways to next-level their content in ways that resonate with their existing clients while reaching new prospects. We’ve helped capSpire enhance their digital presence through campaigns, employee spotlights and more.

Holiday Email

During the 2020 holiday season, capSpire wanted to thank their clients for a great year in spite of the challenges, while sneaking in a hint of their company culture. We created custom, in-house illustrations and a holiday-themed poem to spread cheer in a way that was uniquely capSpire.


Brand Voice | Information Architecture + Education | Press Release | Email Campaign | Internal Materials | Social Media | Content Development | Outdoor

Collateral Refresh

Like their parent company, AI-driven, tech-forward company Gravitate was in need of branded materials that authentically reflected their brand. We designed templates for their case studies, presentation decks and other materials needed to nurture leads and streamline information effectively, allowing the team to focus on what matters most: closing deals.


Similar to capSpire, we established a brand voice for Gravitate that relied on direct, user-friendly language that would appeal across a broad range of B2B clients. The Gravitate brand folds in bold flavor, asserting itself as a breakout solution that can help clients create a digital roadmap to success.

Social and Digital

Naturally, the next step to growing a brand’s identity is to get and hold attention in digital places. So, that’s what we set out to do. We help support Gravitiate’s ongoing social and digital efforts with strategies and tactics to make inroads with their target audience(s).


Gravitate’s solutions help companies engage their customers – and we strive to do the same for them. From minor updates to all-
encompassing campaigns, our work together continues to break conventions within the B2B industry.
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Our work helping capSpire present their solutions in a new light led to one of their best-performing social posts in recent history, highlighting one of their case studies in the updated collateral. The results speak for themselves:
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