Case Study 02 — Radianse Real-Time Solutions

TASK-SCHEDULING APP CAMPAIGN: Promoting software designed to help the fitness industry persevere during the Coronavirus pandemic.


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Although you may not always hear about it, real-time intelligence serves just about every industry, from energy to foodservice – and nobody offers a more cutting-edge suite of solutions than Radianse. Focusing mainly on the health care, fitness, eldercare and corrections
industries, their patent-protected technologies lead innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. So, earlier this year, when COVID-19 devastated one of their primary niches, we got to work to help them get gyms and up running again.


In correlation with the reopening of gym facilities throughout the northeast, Radianse quickly developed a new software to help gyms keep track of heightened cleaning processes and compliance standards. We were asked to generate buzz surrounding their new technology and forge a standout position for them in the area of fitness tech.


Affluent decision makers and media outlets, ages 35-49.


We knew that through our efforts, we’d have to simultaneously educate our B2B consumer while building excitement around the new software – after all, convincing business owners to spend more money for a new product in uncertain times is no easy sell. To start telling the narrative of Radianse addressing the specific needs of their customers during the pandemic, we first focused on the pivot they made to develop the new app.

Next, we spotlighted the app’s ease of use, showing that not only is it effective in increasing accountability and minimizing risk factors, its intuitive buildout required little-to-no training to get started. We proposed a content-driven campaign that would demonstrate Radianse’s expert knowledge and nimble solutions for gyms and fitness studios struggling to reopen throughout Spring 2020 and beyond.



We defined a friendly-but-knowledgeable tone as the brand’s voice and used it as the foundation for the advertising and consumer education pieces that would follow. With the help of fun, industry-specific language and a decidedly punchy style not typically seen in the IoT space, our goal was to promote Radianse as both an industry leader, but also as an approachable brand.


We looked at several internal training programs and online platforms to understand the various styles in which users are typically educated. And though we were able to identify some key takeaways, we set out to streamline the traditional structure so that the gyms were ready-to-go without a steep learning curve.


This was especially important because to be successful, our target audience needed to be confident that their teams could take the software and run with it. Through plain-speak language and step-by-step callouts, the educational piece of our campaign was easy to adapt to for associates of all levels.


To spread the word about Radianse’s technologies specifically geared toward business recovery, we announced a press release demonstrating their ability to pinpoint of-the-moment needs and pivot quickly. It was met with overwhelming success that exceeded the client’s expectations, including thousands of views in just 24 hours – viral numbers in the IoT realm.


Capitalizing on the momentum of the press release, we launched an email campaign targeted toward a key list of decision makers in the fitness industry. Deployed in a bi-weekly timeframe to maintain top-of-mind status, we focused on the software’s benefits, ease of use and industry clout.


Through the creation of a branded Quick Guide and Instruction Manual, users of the Task-Scheduling App learned how to navigate the new software with ease. In developing these materials, our foremost goals were to support the quick onboarding of team associates and promote workplace safety through sanitization, while delivering brand education in accessible forms.


Because we recognized that details may need to be added, changed or removed along the way, we ensured the Quick Guide and Instruction Manual would be easy to maintain – giving the Radianse team efficient editing abilities.


In a bold move for Radianse, we proposed owning the overlapping space between IoT and fitness for the months following the Task-Scheduling App’s launch. Through a multidimensional LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook approach, we concepted and developed highly-engaging, industry-specific static and GIF visuals designed for a fitness/IoT hybrid lens. In addition, we compiled a list of the top-performing hashtags for gym owners and utilized them to appear on more targeted feeds organically.


Thirty days into our social media strategy, we realized that the existing, current content available linking fitness and IoT was scarce. So, we recommended creating it ourselves for the Radianse site. Through research and SEO best practices, we wrote informative native content geared toward trending topics like gyms reopening and how to keep gyms compliant with state Coronavirus mandates. This series helped to further establish Radianse as an industry leader and go-to resource for the fitness industry.


To continue generating awareness for the Task-Scheduling App, we developed billboard creative to attract attention in some of Radianse’s strongest markets throughout the New England area.


Developing the creative was only the beginning – next, our media team used audience demographic research from industry-leading resources like Nielsen Scarborough to determine strategic placements. From there, they negotiated buys to secure the best deals and optimize the campaign’s results.


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Radianse by the Numbers

Our Radianse Task-Scheduling App campaign delivered remarkable results with an audience upwards of 106 million via the press release, which led to spotlights in 140 media outlets. Radianse went on to be featured in leading industry publications like AiThority and The Industrial IoT Daily, as well as major news outlets including Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, Seeking Alpha and more.

The email campaign displayed impressive numbers, including up to an 18% open rate. One particular recipient was such a fan, he returned to the email over 20 times. On social media, Radianse enjoyed their strongest months ever – including an organic
engagement rate that surged over 10% at times, especially when their native content articles were shared. Throughout the campaign, we converted more than 2,000 visitors over 2,300+ sessions. On the Radianse website, the pages used as CTAs for email and social media remain their most visited. Since the campaign’s conclusion, users and sessions fell 38%.

Today, just a few short months later, more than 400 team members across 32 gyms rely on the Radianse Task-Scheduling App to smartly, safely and easily maintain cleaning standards at their gyms. to help them get gyms and up running again.


Following the success of the Radianse Task-Scheduling App campaign, the client recognized a need to carry over elements into their website, including the brand voice, positioning and design. Breaking ground in 2020 with a 2021 launch date, a new Radianse
website is currently underway, and we can’t wait to refresh the brand as an innovative-yet-approachable IoT leader. As a final note, we invite you to take a look at how the elements are coming to life so far: